Cloud Product & System Architect

Cloud Product and System Architect

Posting: Effective Immediately

118 W Parish St Suite 300 Durham, NC 27701


Job Overview

Esquire is looking for a Cloud Product and System Architect to join our growing team. This candidate needs to be a critical thinker and self-starter. They’ll need to work through various types of business problems, and have a strong understanding of business analytics, system architecture, and Amazon Web Services. A Cloud Product and System Architect at Esquire will primarily be responsible for working on our custom platform and product line.

It is required that an Esquire Cloud Product and System Architect has relevant experience in business analytics and cloud architecture. They must be able to approach problems with a clear holistic view of the organizations we are working with, providing our clients with optimal solutions to various problems across marketing and business verticals. The role will interact closely with the core systems clients operate on and use in their day to day, meaning a well thought out solution and process is required on the front-end with minimal margin for error.

As the company grows, our hope is that this position would evolve into a leadership role that will help scope and build future iterations of our platform and upcoming product features.


  • ETL
    • Apache Airflow
    • Stitch Data
  • Cloud – AWS
    • S3
    • Glue
    • Lambda
    • SFTP File Transfer
    • Redshift
    • Cloud Formation
    • API Gateway
  • Analytics
    • Sisense
    • PowerBI
    • Excel 
  • Salesforce
    • Standard Admin Responsibilities
    • Workflows
    • Automation Rules
    • Apex Triggers
    • Object Development and System Design
  • Languages
    • Python
    • JavaScript
    • SQL


  • Undergrad Degree in a related field
  • Business Analytics and System Architecture Skill Sets
  • 4+ years of related work experience
  • Experience in product development or product manager role
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