Senior Database Engineer

Senior Database Engineer

Posting: Effective Immediately

118 W Parish St Suite 300 Durham, NC 27701


Job Overview

Esquire Media is a full-service marketing agency with an emphasis on technology development. By joining our team, you will have the opportunity to work with some of the most talented minds in the industry to support the vast range of marketing needs for our clients. We are a company dedicated to providing creative marketing technology and analytic solutions to our clients businesses. It is the combination of these elements that allows us to build and sustain an engaged and happy workforce. We are proud of our outstanding retention record; our talented employees enjoy the work-life balance and close relationships with their colleagues and clients as primary reasons for joining our organization and growing their careers with us.

Esquire Media team is creating innovative software solutions for our portfolio companies. We are looking for passionate, hard-working, and talented staff-level backend engineers to help build our suite of products for next generation marketing and advertising.

In this position, you will:

  • Design a responsive, elastic, and resilient data software architecture that can power large volume data processing pipelines and complex data analysis.
  • Build proof of concept using modern technologies and convert into production-grade implementation.
  • Take on our most challenging work and be a good role model for the rest of the team on best practices and productivity.
  • Work in an agile environment to deliver high-quality software with excellent test discipline.

Do these qualities describe you?

Curiosity: You notice patterns and phenomena and ask “why?”. You’re hungry to learn the broader context and consequences of your work.

  • Quantitative and qualitative thinking: You seek out the best available data and explore it to answer “why?”. Your analyses and insights are guided and vetted by your qualitative understanding of consumer behavior and market trends.
  • Humble and collaborative: You have come to realize that the more knowledge you gain, the less you actually know, and that pushes you to continually seek knowledge from others. You are also eager to share your knowledge and insights with others.
  • Entrepreneurial: You’re comfortable with moving fast and adapting to fluid roadmaps and priorities. You aren’t afraid of failure and look for creative solutions to overcome challenges.


  • 4+ years of related professional experience
  • Solid experience building large number microservices and ETL data pipelines
  • Strong experience in building and maintaining large-scale data lakes or data warehouses.
  • Solid experience with database schema design and query optimization
  • Strong experience designing, implementing and testing a modern, distributed computing architecture
  • Strong systems thinking with a focus on high reliability and scalability
  • Good disciplines on test-driven development


  • Solid experience in building large-scaled web crawlers or data scrapers.
  • Experience with data pipeline tools, such as Apache Beam, Flink, or Spark
  • Experience with various data storage platforms, i.e. relational databases, columnar databases, in-memory databases, BigQuery, Cassandra, and ElasticSearch.
  • Experience with Jersey, Akka, Kafka, Bazel, and gRPC.
  • Be comfortable working in a startup or incubator environment where moving fast and developing iteratively is standard.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive salary
  • Participation in company health (medical, dental, vision) insurance plans
  • 401K with company match
  • Paid vacation, holiday and sick leave
  • Opportunity to advance your career
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