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Have any lingering questions? Need to reach out to our team with a specific concern that’s not addressed on our site? We’ve got you covered.


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Prerequisites for our services

  1. Have active website. (If not we can build one but launch will be delayed.)
  2. Have active Facebook Page. (If not we will build one out for you at no cost.)
  3. It is recommended that you have at least a 3+ star rating on your Google Reviews. (If not we can help guide you to raise your rating.)
  4. Depending on the quality of your SEO a Google Search (PPC) account may be necessary to help increase search traffic. (Esquire will do a review and set a plan to give you the best results.)
  5. For some campaigns a list of physical street addresses of your past/recent customers may be necessary. This list needs to be in Excel or CSV format.
  6. For match back reporting and to see a direct attributable ROI on your advertising it is necessary that you provide a CSV or Excel file of those customers that purchased during the campaign.
  7. A list of competitors in your market by Name & Address. This list will be used to generate your competitor targets for customer extraction and for showing your market rank based on foot traffic.
  8. List of any upcoming in-store and online promotions.
  9. Hi-Res Store Logo file preferred in EPS, or Adobe Illustrator format with packaged fonts. PNG will also be acceptable in most circumstances.

Best practices when working with us

  1. Keep us updated on your current sales, promotions, and goals for your business. The more we know about your store(s), the better we can customize your campaign!
  2. Provide sales data on a regular basis so that we can analyze the performance of the campaign and update your audience(s) accordingly. (NDA available upon request.)
  3. Run campaign(s) for a minimum of 90-days consistently
  4. Inform sales staff of the audiences you are targeting so they can engage with customers accordingly. For example, New Movers generally need products for their entire home and could be up-sold into buying more than just what they came in looking for.

What should retailers look for to indicate that they’re seeing success with Esquire?

Through our proprietary matching technology; online ad and device interactions are matched to physical addresses. This allows our clients to effectively target consumers and match their ad budgets directly to in-store and online sales. Our system is 100% cookie-free and its proprietary approach connects with real people at an unparalleled accuracy, eliminating ad fraud. We are the premier choice for digital advertising. Website traffic and in-store foot traffic measurements are also available via our client Dashboard.

What are typical results for retailers using Esquire?

Our national average return on investment (ROI) is 10:1 at the register. We recommend running campaigns for a minimum of 90-days. Clients that run campaigns consistently for greater than 90-days generally experience much higher ROIs.

How are my results, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and analytics reported?

Clients have access to a reporting dashboard for live reporting. Additionally, a Match Back Analysis is done on a monthly basis matching up in-store sales to the online ads.



Having trouble filling out any of our web forms or need clarification on our services? At Esquire we pride ourselves on our responsiveness, please reach out.